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100% Design Report

We sent our trend reporter, Kathryn Ernest to the influential UK trade show 100% Design (24-27 September 2009), to track down the hottest UK design talent in furniture, ceramics and textiles. We’ve edited our finds into key trends, rounding up events within the London Design Festival from Designers Block and Tent to 100% Design itself. Enjoy!
100% Design

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Art Influences Design

We’re very excited about the up-coming John Baldessari exhibition at the Tate Modern, London (13 October 09 – 10 January 2010). We’ve noticed a backlash to modern media exhibitions that use moving image, film and sound, and a rise in popularity of artists who collage, collect objects and use typography and text in their work. We think this will provide an abundance of inspiration for designers and impact trends in home interiors.


John BaldessariHand-written elements, personal journeys, and using language and type are all typical characteristics of Baldessari’s work, and have influenced generations or artists from Tracey Emin to Cindy Sherman.


Tracey EminTracey Emin uses text to explore and communicate emotions.


Peter BlakePeter Blake’s collages inspire print design in home furnishings.



Designers leading the wayFlocked wallpaper with poetic type, plates and dishes with witty messages and hand-rendered scribbles are key. Hopeful, inspiring messages are added to mugs, stationary and textiles. Images from top left:  Wallpaper by Tracy Kendall, plates by Trixie Delicious, ironing board by Lisa Stickley, wooden cubes by Palomasnest, flasks by Andree Rouette.


Designers leading the way

Layering different fonts works well for textile prints, while wall stickers provide an opportunity to convey thoughts and make personal statements. We love these cool fire extinguishers with bold type designs. Images from top left: Wallpaper by Anri Moolman, wall decal by Single Stone Studios, fire extinguishers by Swiss Miss, cushion by Janske Megens.




Designers leading the way

Watch out for newsprint being used for soft furnishings, and digital references crossing over into hand-crafted items. Print by Carambattack, plate by Palomasnest, cushion by Fashion Bag, cushions by Bjorn Christian Aarum, table runner by Sem Design

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