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News: Burberry Beauty Range Launch

Gloriously understated and minimal– the new Burberry Beauty range is finally here. Can only imagine the design brief was “If the Burberry trench was a lipstick…what would it look like?” See our Utilitarian trend in our Autumn Winter 2011/12 forecast for the background on how this new understated , clean aesthetic is developing. Get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about our forecasting work for the cosmetics and toiletry industry.

Images shot by David Bailey and Mario TestinoBurberry

The iconic, heritage plaid features across all products- a lesson in ‘brand handwriting!’


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News: Printsource Show, NYC

Seminar schedule

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Hate to Say We Told You So: Shop Report 2010

Here’s our latest update on what’s happening in store in London. We’ve picked out some of the key trends and a couple of colour palettes we really loved and thought were very commercial- and most of all, were bang on trend! We’ve also included a couple of pages from our Spring Summer 2010 trend forecast which we did back in October 2008 so that we can once again say…we hate to say we told you so!

Chlorophyl Green

Above images left to right; jug; Habitat, cushions; Habitat,

Bottom row; dining set; Habitat

We flagged this trend up as a key look for Spring 2010, and we love the way the mid-market brands have used this acidic bright to lift dark and sophisticated tones like chocolate with navy for summer. Stone and neutral shades give this a really commercial look for living room and outdoor dining.

Gypsy Florals

Above images left to right; make-up bag set; Colongne and Cotton Floral cushion; Liberty, embroiderd cushion; Libery

Bottom row; cushion; Cologne and Cotton, Mugs; Anthropologie

Florals have a painterly quality for cushions and bedding, smaller ditzy sprigs were also evident, as were hand-crafted techniques like embroidery and tapestry which adds to the home made vibe continuing this summer.


Below is a page from our Transcultural story from the Trend Bible Spring Summer 2010 forecast for home interiors, which took inspiration from African culture.

Above image: Lifestyle Trends for the Home, by Trend Bible Spring Summer 2010

Above images left to right; bed throw; Anthropologie, bed set; Anthropologie, Cushion; Anthropologie

Bottom row; cushion; Anthrolo

The tribal story has been at the centre of lots of our discussions with our clients this season- just how commercial is it for the average customer? We think there are ways of tapping into this trend without embracing the whole ethnic trend, but we found some great examples, above, of how to execute this trend for textiles.

The British are Coming!

Above images left to right; mugs; Heals, Plate; Heals, assorted home furnishings; Debenhams, bowl; Heals.

All above images; Debenhams

Anyone sick of Union Jacks yet? This trend is stiiiilllll unfurling….yawn. But it does have a new lease of life in new colour palettes which take it away from the traditional red white and blue. Watch out for regal influences creeping through, we loved the hand-rendered looking crown prints at Heal’s (above). Incidentally we’re working on how to update this trend for Spring 11, where we think it will raise it’s head again, and then in Spring 12 we have the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – so don’t think this patriotic look is going anywhere soon!

Colour Clash

For our Spring Summer 2010 forecast, we developed a trend called Eccentric which was all about the playful colour clash between oranges, corals and pinks (see below colour spread).

Above image: Lifestyle Trends for the Home, by Trend Bible Spring Summer 2010

We loved the colours at Habitat this season (below), which clashed neon oranges and vivid pinks– delicious!

Above images, Habitat.

Going Dotty

Above images left to right; bed set; Habitat, assorted cushions; Habitat, desk chair; Habitat

Bottom image; bowls; Heals

Dots have been big news for 3 summers now and this time round they look fresh worked into stripes, as border prints for plates and in bold colour against white grounds.

Above images; bedding and chair by Habitat; dot plates by Heal’s.


All images above; Habitat

How many times do we need to say it? Geometric pattern is big! Look out for pixels, colour blocking, angular faceted shapes, linear form….


Above images left to right; dining plate; Heals, cushions; Habitat, plate; House of Fraser

Following on from geometrics is a trend for spirograph pattern which looks fresh for bedding, outdoor dining and tableware. It blends geometric with floral so is two trends for the price of one, and a good way to introduce the more conservative customer to the new geo aesthetic.

Not My Type

Above images left to right; metallic letters; Selfridges, canvas bag; habitat, deck chair; Habitat

Bottom image; bath towels; Zara Home

3D letters in fabric or metal, printed number repeats, embroidered and appliqued numbers on kids bedding and bath towels- typography is big news this summer.

The New Stripe

All above images; Habitat

We love stripes as borders, grid style stripes and stripes made from dots…which leads us to…

Zig Zags

Above images left to right; throw; Anthropologie, towels; House of Fraser, tea towel; Anthropolgie

Again the new angular, clean geo aesthetic is important here- zig-zags were seen across the board as a fun summer alternative to the classic stripe. Whether its a zig-zag jacquard trim on a bath towel, or a pieced and patchworked summer quilt, this trend unfolds this summer and will be back again in various forms for Spring Summer 2011….you have been warned!

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Satellite Trend: Digital Killed The Polaroid Star

Here at Trend Bible we are reminiscing about the good old days when we simply had to point, click and waft around before revealing our very own instant photo. Polaroid seemed doomed back in 2009 with the last factories shutting down, but the brand has undergone a renaissance thanks to a wave of popularity amongst younger audiences (who have grown bored with the flat soullessness of digital formats), exploring traditional communication methods.

We think there is something deeply nostalgic and romantic about Polaroid cameras, and it seems we’re not alone in this latest obsession! We’ve found some great examples of vintage cameras adorning stationary, fashion accessories and wall art.  Look out for splashes of bright statement colour, camera motifs for prints, vintage finish screen-prints on calico and hessian fabrics, and black and white line-drawings.

Above images left to right; take a picture vest, Urban Outfitters; vintage camera poster; Rob Hunter

Bottom row: Polaroid book, Urban Outfitters; orange blackbird camera; Urban Outfitters

Above image; Diana camera by Lomography

All hail the return of the ‘Diana Camera’!  These early 60’s throw- backs were a cult legend, famous for producing hazy, lo-fi images . They where soon discontinued after consumers abandonned them in favour of digital, but the Diana has made an eagerly awaited comeback . What’s not to love about the love blurry soft and dreamy-toned images? With each click  you can create super-saturated colours, unpredictable blurring, and random contrasts. Looks like the nostalgic vintage theme in photography is here to stay… 

Above image; camera canvas bag; http://www.familytree.co.uk

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Satellite Trend: Zig Zags

As part of a wider trend that references African culture and craft, we love this zig-zag pattern that we think can work commercially in the home. It  nods to all things ethnic without being a parody, and also taps into the trend for more linear, graphic lines for textiles prints. When we cover trends, we think about the average consumer home (within a particular country, market and sector), and research how likely this customer is to buy into the latest ‘big picture’ trends. We’ve included some examples below of how this trend is starting to unfold and we think it’s got some serious mileage for commercial level (high street and value sector) interiors.  

Although we initially forecast this trend to be big for woven textiles, we think it looks great used across patchwork and piecing techniques, and also across print. Don’t be without zig-zag bath towels, cushions and bedding in your range for Spring 2011!

Above images, left to right;Plates by Whittard Of Chelsea, Swimsuit  by Jessica Simpson, Cupcakes from Trend Bible archive, Stationary set by Sanna Annukka for nineteen seventy three, Canvas print by Da Stiles.

Above images top row, left to right; duvet set by Overstock, fabric by Liberty, greetings cards by Sanna Annukka,

Bottom row; rik-rak notebook, towels by Williams Sonoma, home textiles by Missoni.


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News: Best New Products Sheds Light on Consumer Trends

Canadians are looking for healthier food options, as well as ways to save money and the environment, according to a study from BrandSpark International.

The Toronto-based strategy firm polled 25,000 Canadians online in the areas of environmental accountability, healthier options in food and beverage and private label versus premium brands.

The survey was conducted for the Best New Product Awards. Now in its seventh year, this year’s Best New Product Awards survey saw consumers vote on 144 products in 47 product categories.

This year’s winners include: Astro Zero Superfruit Yogourt for best in show, Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil in the health and beauty category, and Ziploc Evolve Sandwich Bagsfor household products.

“The survey not only provides us with valuable insights about current products and innovations but also larger movements and shifts in Canadians’ viewpoints and approaches toward what they purchase, and more importantly why,” said Robert Levy, president of BrandSpark International, in a release.

For instance, the study suggests people have made a big shift to eat at home more and as a result are spending more time and money in the grocery store.

Of those surveyed, 65% like trying new products, while 73% say they enjoy cooking for themselves and their family.

Canadians also want more bang for their buck, and as a result have turned to private label or in-store brands. Though consumer perception of private label quality has decreased slightly over the last year, 64% of consumers believe these brands offer good value for their money. Nearly half, (47%) of Canadians surveyed have purchased more private label products in the past 12 months.

“Finding new products that really deliver is more important than ever, especially with shoppers demanding greater value for money,” said Levy.

Healthy living is also a priority for Canadians, with 60% saying it’s important a new product be made from “all-natural ingredients,” while 45% say they have “greater trust” in natural products than those labeled organic.

Since beginning the survey, environmental accountability has grown to become a primary concern for Canadian consumers, said Levy, however 82% of those polled said they felt companies are exploiting environmentally friendly claims for marketing purposes, and 69% say it’s important a new product is better for the environment.

Packaging is one of the top environmental concerns, with 89% saying manufacturers have a long way to go.

“Consumers are demanding companies to be more accountable in terms of their environmental claims and they are willing to pay for products with realistic and tangible claims such as reduced packaging,” he said.

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