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Trend Bible Radar: Deadgood

We love to keep our eye on local designers and follow their progress, and one Newcastle-based brand that’s grown from strength to strength is  deadgood . We first spotted deadgood as graduates a few years back, then saw them exhibit at the prestigious 100% Design show in London. Founded by two Northumbria University graduates in 2004, Elliott and Dan have earned the reputation for offering classic and contemporary home furnishing in fresh and inspiring new styles. We’ve spotted their work in every store worth being in, from Liberty to Heal’s.

Images above: deadgood

We love the doodle chair below, which is a collaboration between the deadgood duo and the artist Jon Burgerman. They asked him to develop a print which represented Britain, and he came up with the fab doodle below, with the humorous cartoon like doodles of the queen,  the british flag and other witty illustrations combined into this abstract piece of artwork.

Images above: deadgood

Our favorite pieces  have to be the ‘love collection’, produced in collaboration with North-East based furniture retailer Barker and Stonehouse. This four piece collection compromises a heart shaped mirror, a console table, and our fave, a 100% pure wool upholstered lounge love chair accessorized with heart shaped buttons. Already clearing a space in the studio…this chair is a must-have!

Images above; deadgood

In addition to the furniture are these fantastic wire lights, below, available in bespoke colours. Images above; deadgood

Keep up the good work boys it’s great to see you doing so well.


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Satellite Trend: Zig Zags

As part of a wider trend that references African culture and craft, we love this zig-zag pattern that we think can work commercially in the home. It  nods to all things ethnic without being a parody, and also taps into the trend for more linear, graphic lines for textiles prints. When we cover trends, we think about the average consumer home (within a particular country, market and sector), and research how likely this customer is to buy into the latest ‘big picture’ trends. We’ve included some examples below of how this trend is starting to unfold and we think it’s got some serious mileage for commercial level (high street and value sector) interiors.  

Although we initially forecast this trend to be big for woven textiles, we think it looks great used across patchwork and piecing techniques, and also across print. Don’t be without zig-zag bath towels, cushions and bedding in your range for Spring 2011!

Above images, left to right;Plates by Whittard Of Chelsea, Swimsuit  by Jessica Simpson, Cupcakes from Trend Bible archive, Stationary set by Sanna Annukka for nineteen seventy three, Canvas print by Da Stiles.

Above images top row, left to right; duvet set by Overstock, fabric by Liberty, greetings cards by Sanna Annukka,

Bottom row; rik-rak notebook, towels by Williams Sonoma, home textiles by Missoni.


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Satellite Trend: Light Angle

Modern, clean lines are key for pendants and table lamps as we see a new minimal aesthetic influence lighting. Watch out for geometric shapes, triangular shades and austere functionality. Bare flourescent tubes and uncovered lightbulbs are also a key direction, while the electric cable felx makes a statement in bold colours.

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Trend Bible Radar: Jacqueline Kari Bos

We stumbled across Brooklyn based illustrator Jacqueline Kari Bos on Etsy and had to have one of her mini books…ok so we got carried away- we got two…. When the parcel arrived this morning we were so excited to find a beautifully wrapped package and a hand written note. It’s the personal touch that we really love!

‘I heart the arctic’ is a mini book inspired by stories of the arctic, Inuit myths, arctic cultures, icy landscapes and the infinite possibilities of Aurora Borealis. The book is full of whimsical drawings and light-hearted illustrations.

Jecqueline’s gorgeous illustrations also make their way into soft furnishings and we particularly love these graphic cushions and oven gloves which are sure to keep you ice cool in the kitchen. Watch out for illustrative, hand-drawn and conversational prints as part of a wider craft trend influencing home interiors.



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News: Brands as Facilitators

In a previous post New Retail Ladscape Starts to Emerge, we talked about how retailers and brands might consider responding to future shifts in consumer behaviour as we start to come out of the recession. We’ve seen some great examples of brands borrowing from social online networking behaviours, and acting not as mass-producers; hard-selling their products, but as facilitators for customers. We love the concept at kids online retailer, Kaboodle, who have provided their customers with a direct line to Santa with an online wishlist service. Not only can they ‘friend’ Santa; they can share their wishlists with family and friends and request gifts from literally anyrwhere online.

Web retailers have only just begun to scratch the surface of combining selling with social connections and user-curation.

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This Week We Love: Cityscapes

As part of our big picture trend Voyager covered in our Spring Summer 2011 Home forecast, we think there’ll be a print trend for cityscapes. We’ve seen a mix of urban and rural scenes gracing everything from tea towels to sofas at the shows and expect this to be a key print direction for Spring. To get this trend right, you need to add a crafted, hand-rendered element; so pencil drawings, sketches and doodles work well here. For colours go for classic black and white with a strong pop colour like the tea towel below left, or else mix up bright colours on a white ground. 

cityscapes 1Above from left to right: Tea towel by Hunkydory Home, textile print by Natalie Berry, wallpaper by Lizzie Allen.

cityscapes 2

Above left to right: note books by Lara Cameron, embroidery by Blueberry Park, sofa by Timorous Beasties, drawing by Tom Kane, travel journal by Sukie, teatowel by Kardelen.

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News: New Retail Landscape Starting to Emerge

At the moment we’re researching future consumer behaviours that we think will impact design trends for Spring Summer 2011, when we expect we’ll really start to feel like we’re coming out of the recession. We expect the retail landscape and shopping experience as we know it to have transformed somewhat, and in some instances be radically different from the pre-recession mass-consumerism. This will be a selling environment where the customer (the word consumer will sound so outdated and inacurate by 2011; this term will seem insulting, passive, wasteful, decisionless) will genuinely drive the market, make demands of brands and request or decline relationships with brands.

We’ve been reading a lot about VPI, volunteered personal information; where individuals will offer up information about future purchases they wish to make, and invite companies to pitch for their business. So if you want a new car next spring, you would share this information (social networking sites are ripe for this type of development) and tell brands you’re looking for a new family car, next March, for a specified price, and then invite the automotive brands you like to pitch you their best offer. Customer really is king in this scenario. This new way of buying has the power to turn the system on it’s head, it would eliminate the need for advertising as we know it, and would transform the roles of salespeople to relationship managers within an organisation. The concept of brands hard-selling goods to consumers, and customers passively consuming just seems so old-fashioned all of a sudden.

As with all future trends, the beginnings of the ‘next big thing’ are already here, there are little clues in the way society operates, the way taste evolves, the dissatisfactions with how things are currently done, that provide us with insights into how new needs will be met. We’ve seen some great examples of temporary retail environments like mobile stores and  ‘pop-up’ restaurants and shops, and some clever mechanisms for selling online, but what does this mean for traditional retail environments? How will the big retailers begin to engage with us again? We’ve found a few examples of trends emerging which we’ll share with you over the coming weeks. We thought the concept of time-limited discounting was an interesting one to start us off…

Japanese trend scouts C Scout recently reported a new retail phenomenon spotted at the Shibuya 109 teen shopping complex where ‘time sales’ have become popular. For 10 or 20 minute periods, certain items are offered at knocked-down prices so that shoppers can take advantage of bargains. To draw attention to the special offers, staff hold up signs or shout (with a megaphone!), luring shoppers away from other stores. This is just one example of the new retail landscape that’s starting to emerge as we move out of the recession. Please share your thoughts with us- what do you think the future of retail looks like as we think about emerging from the recession?


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