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Hate to say we told you so: Spring Summer ’10 Comp Shop

Here at Trend Bible we hate to say we told you so… (well actually that’s a big lie, we love being right-our jobs depend on it!)  We’ve been checking out what’s in store on the UK highstreet this Spring and popped some of our findings into this report. Don’t forget you can commission us to provide you with similar reports tailored to your particular market, where we identify key trends and product innovations we think you should know about. Tracking trends and measuring their impact is just as important as taking the long view…

Green with Envy

We used refreshing shades of green in our trend books and with our consultancy clients back in October 2008 when we first looked at the Spring Summer 2010 season. The colour of Spring ’10 is most certainly green- from soft leaf green through to chlorophyl shades and this is inspired by a bigger trend toward natural and organic products, and of course, the fresh unspoiled promise of a new decade. We saw green incorporated into bold prints and vertical ombre  / irregular stripes across a palette of neutrals and browns (for Spring) or mixed with turqoises and blues as we get nearer Summer. Green is the hot colour for homeware across decorative accessories as well as more permanent items like furniture and upholstery.Above images, left to right; candles and vases by Next, chair by BHS, bed linen at Debenhams, vase by John Lewis.

Ombre stripes in several shades of green and turqouise work well for upholstery, cushions and table-runners.

Above images, left to right; chair by Next, home accessories @ BHS, tableware by Ikea, cushion by Next, towels by Primark.

We loved the way Next contrasted commercial, plain white dinnerware with absynthian green wine glasses to cash in on this trend without going too far. Gold Star!

Above images, left to right; accessories by Ikea, tableware by Next, cushion by Marks and Spencers.

Poppy Prints

This print trend was evident for bedding and cushions and works well for Valentines Day too.  We saw painterly florals and bolder graphic prints alike, the main concept here is the oversized scale. Watch out for 3D effects like beading and applique.

Above images, left to right; bedlinen by Marks and Spencers, benlinen by Next, cushion by Next, cushions by John Lewis.


There is an air of patriotism on the British highstreet this Spring! This trend has been around for a while at the top-end brands but has filtered down to the highstreet brands in a more obvious way using the  classic Union Jack icon.

Above images, left to right; bedlinen by Debenhams, bedlinen by Marks and Spencers, glassware by Marks and Spencers.

Rainbow Brights

This trend is already starting to emerge as the big winner for high summer this year, as predicted in our Popcentric story in our Lifestyle Trends for the Home book. We talked about the importance of geometric patterns, kaleidoscopic prints, pixels and pattern clashes in a rainbow palette. Pinks mixed with greens were the most prevailant colours, and almost every highstreet store has this look covered. This is a great story for picnicware, with melamines, silicone and glass taking the strong colour really well.

A refreshing colour palette of pink, orange, green and blue against a fresh white background has got us excited for long summer days and picnic adventures.

Coloured glass is a key trend again this summer, bold, oversized florals work well in clashing hot pinks and oranges, and lime green features again for accessories.

Above images, left to right; glassware by Next, towels by Primark, bedlinen by Next, bathroom accessories by BHS.

Bold colour makes an impact in geometric and spirograph pattern, kaleidoscopic prints and mini-pixels. Pinks, oranges and yellow look fresh for kitchen accessories.

Above images, left to right; cookshop accessories and bedlinen by BHS, bedlinen by Next

Black and White

One of our predicted trends for Summer 2010 was Etherality, the basis of which was a palette of black and white. Sketchy, hand-rendered florals were seen in abundance across dinnerware and bedding- the perfect commercial way to do this tricky ‘sinister’ look.

Above images, left to right; Bedlinen by BHS, chair by Marks and Spencers, china by Marks and Spencers, photoframes by Debenhams, bathroom accessories by Debenhams.


One of our favorite trends looks further afield and draws influence from a blend of African, Cuban and South American culture. We noticed neutrals, brown and orange mixed back with bamboo green, and beaded, geometric patterns which gave a nod to African textile embellishments.

Watch out for copper, amber glass, resins, hand-rendered block prints, dark wood and simplistic oversized leaf designs.

Images above; Bedlinen by House of Fraser, accessories by Marks and Spencers, soft furnishing by Ikea, vase by John Lewis.


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This Week We Love: Cityscapes

As part of our big picture trend Voyager covered in our Spring Summer 2011 Home forecast, we think there’ll be a print trend for cityscapes. We’ve seen a mix of urban and rural scenes gracing everything from tea towels to sofas at the shows and expect this to be a key print direction for Spring. To get this trend right, you need to add a crafted, hand-rendered element; so pencil drawings, sketches and doodles work well here. For colours go for classic black and white with a strong pop colour like the tea towel below left, or else mix up bright colours on a white ground. 

cityscapes 1Above from left to right: Tea towel by Hunkydory Home, textile print by Natalie Berry, wallpaper by Lizzie Allen.

cityscapes 2

Above left to right: note books by Lara Cameron, embroidery by Blueberry Park, sofa by Timorous Beasties, drawing by Tom Kane, travel journal by Sukie, teatowel by Kardelen.

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