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Satellite Trend: Digital Killed The Polaroid Star

Here at Trend Bible we are reminiscing about the good old days when we simply had to point, click and waft around before revealing our very own instant photo. Polaroid seemed doomed back in 2009 with the last factories shutting down, but the brand has undergone a renaissance thanks to a wave of popularity amongst younger audiences (who have grown bored with the flat soullessness of digital formats), exploring traditional communication methods.

We think there is something deeply nostalgic and romantic about Polaroid cameras, and it seems we’re not alone in this latest obsession! We’ve found some great examples of vintage cameras adorning stationary, fashion accessories and wall art.  Look out for splashes of bright statement colour, camera motifs for prints, vintage finish screen-prints on calico and hessian fabrics, and black and white line-drawings.

Above images left to right; take a picture vest, Urban Outfitters; vintage camera poster; Rob Hunter

Bottom row: Polaroid book, Urban Outfitters; orange blackbird camera; Urban Outfitters

Above image; Diana camera by Lomography

All hail the return of the ‘Diana Camera’!  These early 60’s throw- backs were a cult legend, famous for producing hazy, lo-fi images . They where soon discontinued after consumers abandonned them in favour of digital, but the Diana has made an eagerly awaited comeback . What’s not to love about the love blurry soft and dreamy-toned images? With each click  you can create super-saturated colours, unpredictable blurring, and random contrasts. Looks like the nostalgic vintage theme in photography is here to stay… 

Above image; camera canvas bag; http://www.familytree.co.uk


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Trends: Overview of Home Interior Trends for 2010

Here’s an overview of our four home interior trends for Autumn Winter 2010/11. The recession is still playing a major part in influencing trends and colours, so watch out for themes that revolve around cocooning, familiarity and comfort and spending time at home; the eternal search for optimism and positivity in this difficult economic climate; and lastly trends that feed off the negative mood and inspire dark, sinister palettes and ethereal themes….spooky!

To get an in-depth view of our trends and an understanding of where they come from, you can buy our Autumn Winter 2010/11 Lifestyle Trends for the Home forecasting book. Visit our Global Agents page for a list of our sales agents around the world. 

We are also now selling our latest edition; Spring Summer 2011, Lifestyle Trends for the Home forecast. 





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