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This Week We Love: Bold Coloured Cookware

We’ve just seen the latest collection by Alessi here at Maison et Object in Paris. We love these pastry/cooking utensils created by French designer Matali Crasset… we’ve been flagging up a trend in cookware for bold coloured silicone mixed with stainless steel or wood for a while and this collection cheers up the bleakest of January days! 


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Hate to Say We Told You So: Lace

We forecast that lace would be a big trend for home interiors for 2010, and it seems to be everywhere  in design from fashion and beauty (lace fingernails) to interiors and architecture (lace fences). Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just a textile trend- we’ve found some great examples of lace patterns being embossed and printed onto glass and porcelain, laser cut metals with lace effects, and starched vintage lace molded into sculptural shapes. We love printed lace for packaging and greetings cards and expect this to be a key trend for Valentine and Mother’s Day this year…

Lace influences architecture; lace balcony, lace fence and lace building.

Lace influences dinnerware and decorative plates- either as a print, laser cut or intricate porcelain plate design.

Lace print wash basin, and etched design packaging by Evian, printed lace beauty packaging and lace fingernails as seen on this season’s catwalks.

Printed glass works well for votives and adds a luxurious element, while stiffened, starched cotton lace makes a striking lightshade.

Lace packing tape is fun, while embossed letterpress greetings cards look sophisticated and feminine.

We love this lace print beauty packaging by Lipstick Queen too…

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Trends: Overview of Home Interior Trends for 2010

Here’s an overview of our four home interior trends for Autumn Winter 2010/11. The recession is still playing a major part in influencing trends and colours, so watch out for themes that revolve around cocooning, familiarity and comfort and spending time at home; the eternal search for optimism and positivity in this difficult economic climate; and lastly trends that feed off the negative mood and inspire dark, sinister palettes and ethereal themes….spooky!

To get an in-depth view of our trends and an understanding of where they come from, you can buy our Autumn Winter 2010/11 Lifestyle Trends for the Home forecasting book. Visit our Global Agents page for a list of our sales agents around the world. 

We are also now selling our latest edition; Spring Summer 2011, Lifestyle Trends for the Home forecast. 





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