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Colour and product design directions for kids homeware, toys, electronics

Trend Bible Radar: Moomah

On our radar this week is kids cafe Moomah a creative arts cafe in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. It focuses on providing classes, nutritious food (served in fun ways), and art exhibitions, among many other resources. You won’t find wacky clowns or primary colours and you won’t be forced to listen to ‘kids music.’ A rather nice change we think!

At Moomah, art materials and projects illuminate universal themes: the five senses, the seasons, the animal kingdom, the body, mythical creatures. On the website you can create fun mood boards so even if New York is not on the doorstep its still possible to engage with it.

This is part of a wider trend for experience overriding consumption which we predicted would be big news during the recession, as people find new ways to entertain their children without spending money. Expect to see a whole host of smaller independent companies challenging the old ways of the big retail and leisure brands.


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Kids Trends: Skull and Cross Bones

We know-pink for girls, blue for boys…it’s a that formula that works commercially but sometimes it just seems a little boring!! Check out these skull and cross bone print motifs as a way to add an edge to kids clothing and home products– 2010 is all about dark mythical and mysterious influences for kids products- we figured this is a great way to hook in to those darker trends while maintaining a friendly exterior! Black and white works best but you can always add a nautical red-white-and-blue palette for summer, or keep in girly by using pink with black and white.Images above left to right: Black plastic cup by Elodie Details; dummy by Elodie Details; babies bottle by Nordic Kids; white t-shirt by So Bright Designs; grey t-shirt by My Baby Rocks;  grey and black babygrow by Psycho Baby; red and white striped bib by Psycho Baby; tuxedo babygrow by Psycho Baby.

Images above left to right: hair slides by My Baby Rocks; striped knee high socks by Felicity’s Boutique; white t-shirt by Boo Boo Baby; white and pink baby booties by Ruby and Spike; white frill dress by My Baby Rocks;  fuschia pink babygrow by Psycho Baby.

Images above left to right: Red skull hoodie by Boden; navy t-shirt and skull print shorts by Bon Prix; skull and cross bones bedding by Marks and Spencers; set of three pairs of socks by John Lewis; skull and cross bones shoes by My Baby Rocks.

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Trends: Overview of Kids Lifestyle Trends for 2010

Here’s an overview of the trends we forecast for our 2010 Kids Lifestyle publication, on sale via our network of global sales agents; find your nearest agent on our Global Agents page.

Our Spring Summer 2011 Kids Lifestyle publications containing 4 new trends is available early November. 

Vintage Tea Party

Adventure Playground



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