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Satellite Trend: Easter!

There are some great easter products on the high-street this year, from cards to packaging, we saw some great playful designs. Check out our favorite items below and the trends that we thought were important. Look out for hand-drawn illustrations, sophisticated packaging and a splash of bright colour.

Premium Easter

Above images, left to right; card by Taking pictures, easter egg by Charbonnel et walker @ Fenwicks, easter egg by Thorntons, easter egg by Thorntons, easter egg by Hotel Chocolat.

Colour Pop

Above images, left to right; card by Taking pictures, card by Caroline Gardener @ John Lewis, easter egg by Thorntons, sweets by Thorntons, card by Clinton Cards, easter egg by Hotel Chocolat.

What came first… the Bunny or the Easter Egg?

Above images, left to right; card by M&S, Cookie Cutters @ TX Maxx, card by Fenwick, bunny moneybox by Paperchase, felt decorations by Paperchase, bunny chocolate by Thorntons.

Above images, left to right; egg sweets at Fenwicks, card by John Lewis, egg sweets Fenwicks, egg decorating kit by John Lewis, Decorations by John Lewis, card by Fenwick, card by Asda.


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News: Experience vs Consumption

Here at Trend Bible, we’ve been talking about the importance of the experience for quite some time. We noticed a shift in consumer mindset at the beginning of the housing collapse in the USA in 2007, and since then we’ve been monitoring a new social mood which relies less on consuming (but not for ‘green’ reasons) and more on what experience a product can bring. This new shift has had some fundamental implications, most of which have been exagerated due to the recession, such as the activity of ‘shopping’ as a pastime is in decline, as we start to think about how else to spend our time. The challenge for retailers as we start to emerge from the recession is going to be  encouraging people to go back to the shops, when they’ve been spending time learning new crafts, educating themselves, spending quality time with loved ones and even finding new hobbies. The rise in visitors to art galleries, museums and at farmers markets in the UK is evidence of this shift towards a change in leisure activities. See our Autumn Winter 2011 trend forecast for more in the effects of this social trend.


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Satellite Trend: Light Angle

Modern, clean lines are key for pendants and table lamps as we see a new minimal aesthetic influence lighting. Watch out for geometric shapes, triangular shades and austere functionality. Bare flourescent tubes and uncovered lightbulbs are also a key direction, while the electric cable felx makes a statement in bold colours.

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Trend Bible Radar: Moomah

On our radar this week is kids cafe Moomah a creative arts cafe in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. It focuses on providing classes, nutritious food (served in fun ways), and art exhibitions, among many other resources. You won’t find wacky clowns or primary colours and you won’t be forced to listen to ‘kids music.’ A rather nice change we think!

At Moomah, art materials and projects illuminate universal themes: the five senses, the seasons, the animal kingdom, the body, mythical creatures. On the website you can create fun mood boards so even if New York is not on the doorstep its still possible to engage with it.

This is part of a wider trend for experience overriding consumption which we predicted would be big news during the recession, as people find new ways to entertain their children without spending money. Expect to see a whole host of smaller independent companies challenging the old ways of the big retail and leisure brands.

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This Week We Love…MissPrint

We wade through mountains of press packs following the trade shows, so it’s a joy when something really stands out and catches our eye. We loved this press pack from British wallpaper and fabric studio MissPrint, which we picked up from the MissPrint girls Yvonne and Rebecca at the Maison show in Paris back in January. It beautifully demonstrates their hand printed silk-screen designs and makes us want to wallpaper just about everything we own! Also check out our photos of their lovely exhibition stand below….

All MissPrint Products are designed in a small East London studio by Yvonne and Rebecca Drury where the fabrics are silk-screen printed by hand. Specializing in wallpaper their quirky patterns are creating a real buzz in the industry and we definitely think they are ones to watch.

Check out for the allium and dandelion style print motifs which we predicted would be big news back in August 2008….

Above image; MissPrint exhibition stand at Maison et Object in January 2010.

Above image; MissPrint exhibition stand at Maison et Object in January 2010.

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Trend Bible Radar: New Shops

Don’t get us started on our thoughts about the new shopping centre that’s just opened in our home town Newcastle…we were excited about the prospect of new stores, new shopping opportunites and a bit of originality but sadly it looks just like any other shopping mall build in the past two years in the UK, not to mention that there are only two brands showcased in the multi-million pound extention to Eldon Square that weren’t in the city before…Grr. Well anyway, we begrudgingly took a look at the new stores for you, and below were our favourite ranges.


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Satellite Trend: Mothers Day

Check out these lovely Mother’s Day card and gift trends. Mothering Sunday is 14th March in the UK andMothers Day in the US is celebrated on 9th May.

Mothers day chic

Above images, left to right; card by Fenwick, card by M&S, card by Clinton Cards, card by John Lewis.

Childs Play

Above images, left to right; card by Fenwick, mug by Clinton cards, card and badge by Clinton Cards, card by Fenwick.


Above images, left to right; card by M&S, card by M&S, card by John Lewis, card by Caroline Gardener.



Above images, left to right; mug and tea-set by M&S, range of floral gifts at John Lewis, heart shaped truffles at Fenwick, tea-set by M&S.

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