This Week We Love: Creative Work Environments

We do love Trend Bible HQ very much (converted grocery store in a charmingly low-key area of Newcastle) but we couldn’t help be a tinsy winsy bit jealous when we saw this much-publicised studio that belongs to Parliament in Portland, Oregon. We don’t even really know what they do (not a lot if that’s them lounging around looking creative in the pics) but we’re totally inspired by this work environment, and we spend a lot of time looking at how the most innovative companies create inspirational environments to keep their staff happy and impress their clients.  Here are a few of our favourites.



Pretty sure the ‘bear wearing a hat’ rug is a health and safety risk…



The Trend Bible Disciples could never keep their desks this tidy! Much of the materials used to create this studio are recycled or salvaged.


This is the Vodafone head office in Portugal, designed by Barbosa Guiamaraes Arquitectos we love the futuristic yet organic and irregular design- a trend we flagged up in our Supernature report for 2009 which was all about enhanced nature.


This is the new Facebook headquarters in LA, designed by Studio O+A. The design is all about interaction and connection and allows employees to engage and come together, whether this is in the micro -kitchens througout the building or in the main cafe where gourmet meals are provided for all staff at all hours.


O+A: Facebook design area


The Google Head Office, Zurich, by Camenzind Evolution is a unique and characterful building which has paved the way for out- of-the- ordinary, creative spaces. Communal areas are playful and relaxing, and as with the Facebook head office, staff were heavily involved in the design process to collaborate and help make a space that works for them.

Last But Not Least…

Our own humble abode, which we love very much. No all-hours gourmet meals or ‘inspirational’ hang-out areas (we’re far too busy to relax) but we do have an excellent old-fashioned sweet shop next door which we’re tunnelling a secret underground passage to. Then it’s free Cola Bottles for all (and cinder toffee for Tanya).



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7 responses to “This Week We Love: Creative Work Environments

  1. kimsarahtillyer

    Wow, I LOVE the Google office, I think I need to get into I.T. !!! Not so sure about that poor old bear at Parliament though so I think your place gets my vote .xx

  2. trendbible

    Ahh thanks! 😉

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  4. I like your workspace; the green plants add a lot of warmth. I wish I could somehow decorate my cubicle to be more inspirational! Maybe I can make it into an egg shape, like Google?

  5. Love Parliament, especially. These offices are incredible. I’m now inspired to actually tidy up my office. It would be a start!

  6. Loved everything about the Parliament office EXCEPT the dead bear!

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