Trade Show Report: Maison et Object January ’10

Ok deep breath guys….So, we visited the Maison et Object show last weekend, which as always was inspirational, exciting and totally exhausting. We just wanted to share a few of our thoughts on the key trends from the show in general terms, and we’ll follow this up later with our top picks from the show in our This Week We Love section…

Key Materials

Lo-Tec: polystyrene, cardboard, paper, plywood and felt. The move towards pared-down simple products and materials for homeware begins, as predicted in our Post-materialist social trend influence report.

Refined: Superfine porcelain, paper thin shapes, mixing ceramic and bamboo. This is all about exquisitely crafted, unique pieces that can’t be replicated, a key theme outlined in our Epicurean story for Spring 2011.

Crafted: origami paper, knited, crochet, pointelle and laser cutting. Craft is still high on the agenda for textiles, furniture and tableware, hand-made and make-do-and-mend are evident here.

Colour Vehicle Synthietics: Synthetics allow for intense, saturated colours- we saw rubber, melamine, neoprene, glass and glossy laminates.

Above; Knitted and felted wool at Donna Wilson for SCP

We loved this felt lightshade by Ango made up of lots of tiny felt cups suspended on wire.

Key Colour Palettes

Neutrals with chlorophyl green; green is the hot colour for 2010, but we think the focus will move to yellow tones for 2011. Yellow was already starting to come through for Spring 11 products at the show. Purples and pinks were also predominant.


Acid greens were layered up with sunshine yellow and deep leaf green on tableware, pic-nicware and serveware.

Above images; green cushions and tableware at A&D Home


Yellow was starting to come through in textiles and home accessories, we love yellow dressed with white and stone for a more commercial take.

Images above; yellow print lightshade by Miss Print; yellow cabinet by Nordal; quilted sofa by Ligne Roset.

Rainbow Brights

Eyecatching displays of simple products executed in a rainbow of colours looked great across stationary and cookshop items. Plastics, melamines and felted wool showed these vivid, saturated colours off beautifully. This is a great way to update commodity products or add newness to core ranges.

Above images from left to right; coloured glass candle holders by Nordal; felt totes and accessories by Hey Signs; melamine utensils by Rosti Mepal.


We saw lots of brands producing a spectrum of colours across all types of commodities from stationary to cookware. Felt bags and coasters at DAFF. Joseph Joseph went a step further with their neon range, neon pink was also seen at Adonde.

Above; bold colour at Nordal; mixing stripes and floral at Missoni; bold coloured laquered metal stool/storage.

Above images; neon pink mixed with lo-tec cardboard looked modern at Adonde.

Above; some of the irresistible masking tapes at MT…


We noticed a softer trend toward pastel colours. We loved Australian brand MUD with their delicately coloured ceramics- this seasons newest colour addition…yellow. Pastels were also spotted at the delightful Alexa Lixfeld stand- we loved this palette of lilacs and grey. Pastel bedding was seen at Ourson SA, we loved the pastel dinnerware at Richard Genori.

Above images left to right; lilac and pink tableware by Nordal; painted pasel cabinets by Nordal; tie dye sofa by Futura; pastel cushions by Au Maison; pastel tableware at Nordal; powder blue sofa at Ligne Roset.

Above; Stelton pastel melamine bowls also looked great

Above; layering soft lilac shades, Alexa Lixfeld

Trend bible love these pastel coloured kitchen knives by Pure Komachi at Kai Corporation.


The biggest overall theme was natural. We loved the resin encased branches and logs as seen at Bleu Nature, which featured as stools and lamp bases, and this fantastic origami lampshade by..We also saw wooden handle cutlery, bamboo serving bowls, napkins tied with string. Mixing bamboo and ceramics was seen at JIA Inc and mixing bamboo and laminate at Bibol.

Texture is key, particularly for white and natural colours across textiles, dinnerware and decorative ceramics. We saw etched, scratched, embossed, and heavily textured finishes on plates and vases, and loved the braille effects which add a textural dimension to plain white porcelain. Pebble shaped vessels and embossed plates also looked new at Bruno Evrand.

Above images; Braille effect vases by Coming B


Not us- not yet anyway! As you know we’ve been talking about the charms of plain old cardboard as a material for homeware and packaging for a while now, and we loved the CARTON PLEIN exhibition at the Maison show, where 13 architects were asked to create a cardboard home.

Above images from left to right; cardboard houses as part of the Carton Plein! exhibition; paper jacket by MT

Among our favourites were the beautiful paper tote bags at Siwa- the ultimate in post-materialist chic!

Innovative paper and cardboard stand at Molo.

 Print Trends

We saw a continuation of retro and vintage florals in a ‘tea party’ or ‘shabby chic’ style theme for textiles, the best were at Blanc Mariclo, Au Maison and Villa Collection. Overscaled sketchy florals and micro posy florals were big for bedding, while the main bedding trend is still mixing stripes with florals and plaids. We saw lace prints as a key trend on textiles and ceramics, and found retro imagery like old SLR cameras and pretty birdcages as print icons across textiles and stationary.
Watch out for watercolour style prints with blurred edges including oversized blooms like roses and chrysanthemums, and a continuation of allium and dandelion style print references. Pencil sketch florals also looked fresh.

Above images; left; overscaled at Sonia Rykiel; sketch floral bedding; cushions and floral chair at Miss Print, a Trend Bible favourite!

Allium wall sticker by Miss Print

Floral floor cushions at Nordal

Plate by Deshoulieres

Floral purple plate by Deshoulieres- purple mixed with leaf green was another predominant trend at the show…


Above image; Danish brand Lene Bjerre had modern interpretations of lace and crochet.

Lace print and crochet cushions were key

Above; Lace print boxes and camera icon lace print by Seletti

Text and Type

Text and type are still strong as print motifs; above number cushions by A&D Home.



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7 responses to “Trade Show Report: Maison et Object January ’10

  1. Kate Usher

    Awesome post, thanks for the update! You must have walked your feet off in Paris Jo! Love the pics x

  2. You have lifted a depression about not being able to visit Maison – thank you for your in depth and excellent showcase!

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  5. Kitt

    What a great journey this is! Totally droolworthy 🙂 Thanks for putting this together and thanks also to Bronwyn Barry for the link.

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