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News: Food trends; 5th taste unveiled…

Since its discovery 102 years ago by a Japanese scientist, “umami” has been the object of fascination by chemists and avant-garde chefs determined to discover the secret of the so-called “fifth taste”.

But now the esoteric flavour – described as the trigger for the sensation of deliciousness when detected by the brain alongside the primary tastes of sweet, salty, sour and bitter – is about to jump from the rarefied surroundings of Michelin-starred restaurants and university labs to the high street, with the arrival of umami in a tube. Click here to read the full article in the Independent…


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News: Handy Colour Generator for Designers

Check out this really cool colour palette generator…simply upload your chosen image and the generator will create two colour palettes for you! Genius!

URL of image:

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Trade Show Report: Stockholm Furniture Fair

We loved the Design Bar by Jonas Wagell of Sweden, which was an installation representing the forest and the city at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last week, which follows on from our research about urbanisation and merging rural and city life. Watch out for this continuing theme in our forthcoming Autumn Winter 2011/12 trend book, available end March 2010.

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News: Food Trends

Exotic and classic flavors are predicted to lead consumer foods trends in 2010, according to Wild Flavors, Inc.

Each year, Wild suggests ongoing consumer trends that will have the most impact on food and drink markets, particularly in beverage, culinary infusions and healthful formulations.

The company sees the need for new products to adopt taste modifications that include new sweetening systems, notably stevia, salt reduction and vitamin and mineral fortification.

In beverages, Wild predicts floral and fruit combinations will be found in more mainstream products, as will classic sweet flavors such as honey and fresh sweet mint.
Also, gourmet and artisan varieties of mustard, black garlic and other herb and spice varieties, as well as cooked and roasted fruits, are expected to be more prevalent this year, according to the company.

Trend Bible follow ingredient and flavour trends closely to help inform the research we do into packaging trend solutions for our many global food and beauty industry clients.

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News: How to Follow Trends, Not Fads…

Sound advice in this article in the Wall Street Journal today…

For many businesses, especially those in the creative fields, it’s important to stay on top of consumer trends without surrendering to flash-in-the-pan fads. For proof of that, look no further than the tents of New York’s Fashion Week: clothing crazes come and go, but only a handful of big-name designers stay in business for decades.

The key for creative entrepreneurs, such as those in the fashion, interior design and graphic design industries, is to stay relevant over time. That means you shouldn’t embrace short-lived concepts or blindly follow what other companies are doing (which can make you look so-last-year, in no time). Instead, keep the focus on big-picture goals, says Lynn Furge, creative director for Nolcha, a business-services provider for the fashion industry. Click here to read the rest of the article…

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Satellite Trend: Valentines Day

We really love Print Pattern blog which we regularly look at to keep up-to-date with stationary and print trends. Although we already posted our own Valentines trend update, we couldn’t resist showing you some of the top greetings card trends as seen by Print Pattern. We’re sure you’ll agree they really have an eye for picking the hot stationary trends! Have a great Valentine’s Day!

Images above left to right: card by Paperchase; packaging by John Lewis; card by Paperchase; love bird card by John Lewis.

Image above: card by Eggpress

Images above left to right: card by Carol Gardener; labels @ etsy ; card by Marks and Spencers; card by Paperchase.

Image above: card by


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News: Retail Sales Fall 0.7%

Retail sales fell in January to record the worst performance for that month in 15 years, a survey by the British Retail Consortium showed on Tuesday.

The BRC said the value of sales last month was 0.7 percent lower than a year ago when measured on a like-for-like basis. That followed a 4.2 percent annual gain in December. Total sales, which include new floorspace, rose by 1.2 percent on the year in January.

“An awful start to the year and in stark contrast to an upbeat December. This is the worst January sales growth in the 15 years we have been running the survey,” said Stephen Robertson, director general of the BRC.

He said the snow at the start of the month had boosted food sales but hit other sectors. Food sales growth slowed in the second half of the month, however, and clothing and footwear sales picked up. Some consumers may also have brought forward their purchases to December to beat VAT going back up to 17.5 percent on Jan 1 after the cut to 15 percent over 2009.

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