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Satellite Trend: Valentines Day

With Valentines day just around the corner we’re feeling all loved up and we’ve been busy sourcing some really cool products to get you in the mood.  We’ve found ‘shout about it’ prints with hearts (of course!) being a key motif, cute birds printed onto cards and stationary, and felted lettering making its way into soft furnishings. Special thanks to Rosa Falkenstein and Victoria Buchanan for their contribution to this post.

Overscaled heart motifs adorn bedding, hand-rendered and painted hearts add a hand-made touch, as seen last year at the Maison et Object show in Paris. We love these heart-shaped measuring cups– perfect for baking some little Valentines cookies (is it romantic to eat them all yourself?)!

Images above left to right:  Gold motif mug by Big Tomato Company; heart shaped measuring spoons by Heart and Parcel; tea-lights as seen at Maison et Object 2008; heart motif bedding as seen at Maison et Object 2008; printed cushion as seen at Maison et Object 2008; mug and coaster set by Disco Butterfly.

Birds are just about everywhere for 2010, and the perfect print motif for Valentines Day greetings cards and stationary. This trend is all about cute little songbirds, chaffinches and blue tits, so leave the scary ravens and magpies for Autumn/Winter!

Images above left to right:  magnetic heart pegs by Country Cream; bird candles by Emma Bridgewater; heart eyed bird card by Kaching Design @ Etsy ; valentine notes By Krystan @ Etsy.

Typography and text or even just initials works really well for cushions, bedding and even textile based wall-art.

Images above left to right:  felted fabrics by Castle; ; felted bed sheet by Castle; ‘love’ cushion by John Lewis.


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This Week We Love: Bold Coloured Cookware

We’ve just seen the latest collection by Alessi here at Maison et Object in Paris. We love these pastry/cooking utensils created by French designer Matali Crasset… we’ve been flagging up a trend in cookware for bold coloured silicone mixed with stainless steel or wood for a while and this collection cheers up the bleakest of January days! 

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News: Best New Products Sheds Light on Consumer Trends

Canadians are looking for healthier food options, as well as ways to save money and the environment, according to a study from BrandSpark International.

The Toronto-based strategy firm polled 25,000 Canadians online in the areas of environmental accountability, healthier options in food and beverage and private label versus premium brands.

The survey was conducted for the Best New Product Awards. Now in its seventh year, this year’s Best New Product Awards survey saw consumers vote on 144 products in 47 product categories.

This year’s winners include: Astro Zero Superfruit Yogourt for best in show, Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil in the health and beauty category, and Ziploc Evolve Sandwich Bagsfor household products.

“The survey not only provides us with valuable insights about current products and innovations but also larger movements and shifts in Canadians’ viewpoints and approaches toward what they purchase, and more importantly why,” said Robert Levy, president of BrandSpark International, in a release.

For instance, the study suggests people have made a big shift to eat at home more and as a result are spending more time and money in the grocery store.

Of those surveyed, 65% like trying new products, while 73% say they enjoy cooking for themselves and their family.

Canadians also want more bang for their buck, and as a result have turned to private label or in-store brands. Though consumer perception of private label quality has decreased slightly over the last year, 64% of consumers believe these brands offer good value for their money. Nearly half, (47%) of Canadians surveyed have purchased more private label products in the past 12 months.

“Finding new products that really deliver is more important than ever, especially with shoppers demanding greater value for money,” said Levy.

Healthy living is also a priority for Canadians, with 60% saying it’s important a new product be made from “all-natural ingredients,” while 45% say they have “greater trust” in natural products than those labeled organic.

Since beginning the survey, environmental accountability has grown to become a primary concern for Canadian consumers, said Levy, however 82% of those polled said they felt companies are exploiting environmentally friendly claims for marketing purposes, and 69% say it’s important a new product is better for the environment.

Packaging is one of the top environmental concerns, with 89% saying manufacturers have a long way to go.

“Consumers are demanding companies to be more accountable in terms of their environmental claims and they are willing to pay for products with realistic and tangible claims such as reduced packaging,” he said.

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Hate to Say We Told You So: Lace

We forecast that lace would be a big trend for home interiors for 2010, and it seems to be everywhere  in design from fashion and beauty (lace fingernails) to interiors and architecture (lace fences). Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just a textile trend- we’ve found some great examples of lace patterns being embossed and printed onto glass and porcelain, laser cut metals with lace effects, and starched vintage lace molded into sculptural shapes. We love printed lace for packaging and greetings cards and expect this to be a key trend for Valentine and Mother’s Day this year…

Lace influences architecture; lace balcony, lace fence and lace building.

Lace influences dinnerware and decorative plates- either as a print, laser cut or intricate porcelain plate design.

Lace print wash basin, and etched design packaging by Evian, printed lace beauty packaging and lace fingernails as seen on this season’s catwalks.

Printed glass works well for votives and adds a luxurious element, while stiffened, starched cotton lace makes a striking lightshade.

Lace packing tape is fun, while embossed letterpress greetings cards look sophisticated and feminine.

We love this lace print beauty packaging by Lipstick Queen too…

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Satellite Trend: Cardboard Packaging

We love this trend for unbleached papers and simple brown cardboard, which reflects the latest ‘post-materialist’ mood we explored in our Spring Summer 2010 forecast. This is particularly evident in food packaging (tea and cereals) and also is starting to work its way into beauty trends, like the cardboard lipstick packaging below. It’s not just for everyday items though, this luxury champagne brand below have used cardboard packaging to add a cool edge, and fragrance brand Wickle have added a vintage feel to their soap range.

It turns out it’s not just the Trend Bible team that are obsessed with cardboard…check out this store fit for Smithfield in Manchester. Cardboard-tastic! There’s something about the functionalism and pared-down aesthetic we like, plus the fact that it’s actually quite sculptural. And who doesn’t want a cardboard dog? Design by Peter Masters of  Burnt Toast.

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News: Inspiring short courses at CCAD…

Cleveland College of Art and Design in Middlesbrough have just posted their schedule of short courses for 2010. There are some great 6 week courses if you fancy updating your skills or trying out making your own fairy lights, knitting, illustration, ceramics or even making personalised photobooks….Go to for more details and get creative!

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