Kids Trends: Skull and Cross Bones

We know-pink for girls, blue for boys…it’s a that formula that works commercially but sometimes it just seems a little boring!! Check out these skull and cross bone print motifs as a way to add an edge to kids clothing and home products– 2010 is all about dark mythical and mysterious influences for kids products- we figured this is a great way to hook in to those darker trends while maintaining a friendly exterior! Black and white works best but you can always add a nautical red-white-and-blue palette for summer, or keep in girly by using pink with black and white.Images above left to right: Black plastic cup by Elodie Details; dummy by Elodie Details; babies bottle by Nordic Kids; white t-shirt by So Bright Designs; grey t-shirt by My Baby Rocks;  grey and black babygrow by Psycho Baby; red and white striped bib by Psycho Baby; tuxedo babygrow by Psycho Baby.

Images above left to right: hair slides by My Baby Rocks; striped knee high socks by Felicity’s Boutique; white t-shirt by Boo Boo Baby; white and pink baby booties by Ruby and Spike; white frill dress by My Baby Rocks;  fuschia pink babygrow by Psycho Baby.

Images above left to right: Red skull hoodie by Boden; navy t-shirt and skull print shorts by Bon Prix; skull and cross bones bedding by Marks and Spencers; set of three pairs of socks by John Lewis; skull and cross bones shoes by My Baby Rocks.


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